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Designing a good portfolio website is and always will be a delicate dance. There exists an eternal conflict between displaying content in the highest fidelity, and creating an interesting, smooth and compelling user experience. Iamyuna is an example of a good portfolio website that finds a healthy balance between the two.

iamyuna good portfolio website

A simple and elegant homepage

A clean layout and a simple but engaging use of geometric shapes allows the homepage to easily hold the viewer’s attention. Furthermore, iamyuna minimises the amount of clicking and wading potential clients have to do by giving visitor’s access to all the important information on the top of the home page.

iamyuna contact details

Relevant info and contact details are available at the top.

This ease of access is carried onto the main gallery as well. Clicking on a gallery thumbnail doesn’t take you to a new page per se, but transforms the home page in a way that allows for a more detailed examination of that singular work.

iamyuna portfolio page

An elegant transition to a more detailed view of the work helps to create the illusion of slower load times.

Furthermore, there are multiple levels of navigation. One can either pick and choose via the thumbnails, or alternatively browse through works via the categorised drop down lists above the aforementioned gallery.

iamyuna drop-down menu good portfolio website

Multiple levels of navigation make this site a pleasure to browse

iamyuna 'back to top'

‘Back to top’ buttons are one of the loveliest creatures to roam the earth

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