Onbile – Cookiecut Seduction

Here’s something interesting for those of you interested optimising your site for mobile and tablet technology but don’t think you have the funds or skills to do so. Onbile provides a wonderful service for those of you too daunted by the big $$$ or “complicated” coding associated with mobile/tablet optimised sites. We at Browsing Ideas….

Hoefler & Frere-Jones – premium typography

There are many good quality free fonts floating around on the net, but for all-round typographic cleanness, consistency, and attractiveness, it’s difficult to beat premium fonts by typography professionals. Hoefler & Frere-Jones have been designing fonts for over 20 years, and have developed a reputation as masters of premium typography. These are fonts designed for….

Namechk – username availability checker

Ever thought of a brilliant username, used it for one of your social networking properties, only to find out someone beat you to it on virtually everything else? Name consistency, particularly for brand promotion, is key to a complete social networking or bookmarking campaign. That’s why it’s important to check if your desired username (and….