The Guide To The App Galaxy – Innovative HTML5 Website

Here’s another innovative HTML5 website and UX from Google. A handy guide for mobile app design, this is a nicely designed, fun site written entirely in HTML5. This site is interesting from a navigation perspective as it offers three methods of traversing the “app galaxy”: clicking the buttons, scrolling up on the vertical scrollbar, or even using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Keyboard controls for a site like this is a little gimmicky, sure, but it contributes well to the pioneering, sci-fi aesthetic they’re going for. A great sense of typography, illustration and colour (which also seem to be recurring staples of HTML5 demos) also reinforces this retro look.

Innovative HTML5 Website - Google's Guide To The App Galaxy

The launchpad to the various Case Journeys


Innovative HTML5 Website - Guide to the App Galaxy

Here you can see the multiple navigation options at your disposal

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