The Bullitt Agency – Never too cool for grids.

Right off the bat, this site engages its audience with a sleek, thematic opening sequence that just blows the mind. A combination of well treated stock images and articulate, seamless animation immediately captures the visitor’s attention. The visitor is led into a sensational world of floating disconnected cultures. Cultures and cities connected effortlessly by The Bullit Agency.

The Bullitt Agency - Intro Cinematic

The opening sequence opens like an award-winning arthouse movie

Now normally, that would be all. Too many websites bombard us with fantastically overdone introductions. They stimulate your appetite with visually articulate and lyrical presentations, only to disappoint with a mediocre, inefficient and lack lustre website. The Bullitt Agency is one of those rare instances where the wonderfully lush and beautiful opening animation lead you into an equally beautiful and thematically coherent webpage.

The Bullitt Agency - Index Page

Sleek, simple and well organised.

While the lack of scrolling may contribute to a feeling of lag or unresponsiveness, the interesting keyboard/mouseclick based navigation system is very well executed and allows users to quickly switch between RSS, Twitter, Event and Bullitt specific content. Furthermore, while the layouts for each page have their own character, the design is consistent enough to allow users to quickly navigate and explore content despite differences between page layouts.

The most tantalizing aspect of this site is – of course – the Artists page, and given that Bullitt is primarily an agency that caters to Top DJs and Producers, this makes sense. The Artists page is layed out in a cool, crisp grid style, with snapshots of artists alphabetically categorised.

The Bullitt Agency - Artists

Let’s face it people, grids and minimal palletes are sexy.

Don’t want to browse through the entire grid just to find one artist? No problem, amongst the grid of faces are alphabetically arranged boxes which, once clicked, isolate names within that specific set of letters.

The Bullitt Agency - Alphabet

The ability to alphabetically isolate artists is a classy touch.

Still not simple enough? Then hit the search bar in the top left corner of the site, for an easy to read drop down menu listing all the available artists.To top it off, simply clicking the artist will transform the surrounding grids into a brilliant array of relevant information on your chosen artist.

The Bullitt Agency - Artist Details

Elite musician or a bond villain, a sweet sweet grid layout makes you look that much more appealing.

The addition of an mp3 plugin for sampling the music of artists while you browse the site is indicative of a carefully thought out and consistent design solution. The Bullitt Agency website is a testament to how simple, carefully planned and consistent application of basic elements like grids can still create, visually stimulating and other-worldly user experiences.

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