The Sweet Hat Club – entertaining responsive design

The Sweet Hat Club’s simple rectangular style makes this responsive design easy to condense for small screens. The image gallery is nice and usable on a large screen and instead of eliminating excess pictures as your screen gets smaller, the images just become smaller as well. So even on a device as small as an iPhone, you….

Karen Walker – patchwork fashion design website

In a world where most fashion design websites leave much to be desired, Fashion designer Karen Walker’s website is a creative delight.  The site uses a well-considered patchwork-like interface for the homepage design. Each “patch” has an interesting rollover graphic of a large cross, a motif that’s continued throughout the site. Two choices for navigation are offered….

Powerstroke Pro – Simple Responsive Design

Powerstroke Pro is a great example of simple responsive design, maintaining a minimal atmosphere to make it easy to navigate, no matter what your screen size. The minor use of colour makes the page flexibly adapt to all screen sizes – tablets, desktops and mobiles. This particular site is smaller, so with simple responsive design you can….