Powerstroke Pro – Simple Responsive Design

Powerstroke Pro is a great example of simple responsive design, maintaining a minimal atmosphere to make it easy to navigate, no matter what your screen size. The minor use of colour makes the page flexibly adapt to all screen sizes – tablets, desktops and mobiles.

Powerstroke pro simple responsive design

Powerstroke Pro – different size screens with easy navigation

Powerstroke pro simple responsive design for mobiles

Powerstroke Pro – iPhone View

This particular site is smaller, so with simple responsive design you can view the entire site with a quick scrolling of the page. The tabs at the top will lead you to the exact location of the information further down on the page. Through this, Powerstroke Pro actually keeps you on the same page throughout your entire visit. The use of a video on the home page is a unique way to keep one’s attention.

Simple responsive design, single page layout

Powerstoke Pro – simple page layout with video option

Try it out! It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

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