Facebook promotion app example – Qantas A380

Corporates make Facebook applications for consumer promos all the time. Qantas have created just such an app to promote their fleet of A380 planes. In case you’re looking for ideas around building your own Facebook app, look no further.

This post includes step-by-step screenshots showcasing the functionality created by Qantas in this Facebook marketing app.

Ala – A Visual Wonderland

If you’re looking for great studio website design ideas, this website may interest you. Ala is an illustration, interface design and interaction studio. Their website demonstrates that sometimes more is more . On the first click we are exposed to a chaotic menagerie of colour and movement, yet it somehow remains a cohesive and appealing….

Gourmet Glaze Doughnuts – a psychedelic sugar trip

For a small doughnut shop in Adelaide this site sure stands out. Tickling your potential customers’ tastebuds purely through imagery is not always easy, but Gourmet Glaze does it well. As you visit the home page you are immediately greeted by what look to be the visions of someone experiencing a psychedelic sugar high, which we love.….

Victoria’s Secret Facebook – amongst the very best

The Victoria’s Secret Facebook page is always featured amongst the top 10 best Facebook pages on most industry blogs. This is well deserved, as it’s not a complicated or showy. They have a basic fan gate set as the landing page. The great thing about Facebook is it can be changed easily with new promotions,….