Powerstroke Pro – Simple Responsive Design

Powerstroke Pro is a great example of simple responsive design, maintaining a minimal atmosphere to make it easy to navigate, no matter what your screen size. The minor use of colour makes the page flexibly adapt to all screen sizes – tablets, desktops and mobiles. This particular site is smaller, so with simple responsive design you can….

Yuna Kim – Good portfolio website

Designing a good portfolio website is and always will be a delicate dance. There exists an eternal conflict between displaying content in the highest fidelity, and creating an interesting, smooth and compelling user experience. Iamyuna is an example of a good portfolio website that finds a healthy balance between the two. A clean layout and….

The Bullitt Agency – Never too cool for grids.

Right off the bat, this site engages its audience with a sleek, thematic opening sequence that just blows the mind. A combination of well treated stock images and articulate, seamless animation immediately captures the visitor’s attention. The visitor is led into a sensational world of floating disconnected cultures. Cultures and cities connected effortlessly by The….

Onbile – Cookiecut Seduction

Here’s something interesting for those of you interested optimising your site for mobile and tablet technology but don’t think you have the funds or skills to do so. Onbile provides a wonderful service for those of you too daunted by the big $$$ or “complicated” coding associated with mobile/tablet optimised sites. We at Browsing Ideas….