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Here’s something interesting for those of you interested optimising your site for mobile and tablet technology but don’t think you have the funds or skills to do so. Onbile provides a wonderful service for those of you too daunted by the big $$$ or “complicated” coding associated with mobile/tablet optimised sites.

The simple but compelling site design is almost as tantalizing as the promise of free mobile site development

We at Browsing Ideas don’t usually endorse the idea of cookie cut websites, but boy, does Onbile sell its product well. On the home page, visitors are greeted by a simple, fun call to action and an infectiously cute explanation video; as well as a host of charming illustrations and sexy mobile site in-situs. The real gem of Onbile’s site however, is uncovered when the visitor hits “start now”. The user is immediately taken to a sleek interactive page with a plethora of luxurious looking themes. Users are able to filter down the results further with an easy drop down menu containing a wide variety of categories covering almost every kind of business. Once the theme has been chosen, users are given the option to choose the colour of the theme, as well as the type of business the theme is being used for.

Furthermore Onbile provides a large variety of price points, catered towards businesses and individuals with differing needs. The free option is very cost effective, but mainly caters towards personal websites, blogs and other non-professional websites. The professional and e-commerce packages come with unlimited support, SEO optimisation, site statistics as well as much more customisation and storage.

Though a mobile site built around the ethos of your business is always ideal, if you’re short on funds or the abilities to do so, Onbile is by far one of the best affordable alternatives. With a variety of price points for their mobile/tablet optimised web themes, and an even wider variety of templates and themes, Onbile is a god-send to both businesses and individuals looking to take advantage of emerging mobile and tablet technology.

Meticulously crafted themes and the simple, responsive interface will have you screaming “take my money”

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