More Hazards – Effective Single Page Website

Nashville folk duo’s website, More Hazards is as simple as their tunes. This is a single page website that gives you all the band information you need with an ‘about us’ page nowhere to be seen. However, you can still like their Facebook page. The only real content is the song lyrics, the band must feel these are enough to tell their story.

More Hazard Single Page Website

More Hazard More Heros – The Band

The grungy old world look supports the character of the band itself. The use of parallax effect adds lovely depth and enhances the experience of the single page website. Scrolling is the navigation for the site if you make your way down to the bottom of the site it will just send you back to the top again. Watch the photos closely as you scroll, the static images are dynamic through their directions and postions; this gives the site a floaty feel.

More Hazard Single Page Website

Giant Disc in Action

One of the coolest features of the site is the integration of the music player with the spinning disc on the header. Just play their music and you’ll feel like you already own their Album. It’s simple yet so effective. The super big header which is the gigantic disc will surely grab your attention and tell you exactly what you need to do in this website.

As an added bonus when opening this site on your mobile you will experience your phone turning to a transparent CD player with a giant disc spinning on the surface.

Overall, despite of the small amount of information provided, this is a well-crafted site with tons of ambience that will make you forget about the missing details. This website really serves it’s purpose and at the end of the journey you may have downloaded their album.

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