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The folks at Method Design Lab designed their site with a unique feature – the innovation feed. Being the site for a “design-centric, user experience driven” accelerator, their own innovation is reflected in this dynamic presentation of innovation news from around the web. Posts drop in from the top of the page as strong graphic blocks, with the visitor able to choose how far back in time they’d like to view. The posts take on various combination of capsule-like shapes, giving an air of uniqueness to each one, as colour is subtly used for emphasis on various shades of grey, and to great effect.

Featured, or highlighted posts are emphasised with size, with all surrounding blocks adjusting to fit together nicely. This site really demonstrates how the simplest of design elements can be very powerful if used in a dynamic way.

Method Design Lab

Method Design Lab - select by the hour

Method Design Lab

Method Design Lab - post drop down

Method Design Lab

Method Design Lab - excerpt

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