Marie Catribs – the big image

The “big image”, once frowned upon by web designers for making websites slow to load, is now popping up as a trend and coming back into the norm. When used appropriately, it can generate inspiration and make your site stand out.

Marie Catribs uses the big image to great effect. The imagery is fun and quirky, drawing visitors into the site and encouraging them to explore further. These images also add depth to pages, and utilise the space to convey unique messages. The use of hand drawn elements and carefully chosen fonts also adds to the success of this site.

Marie Catribs home page

Marie Catribs welcomes visitors with a playfully big image

Marie Catribs home page

Quirky use of typography inspires exploration


Marie Catribs home page

Using large arrows to direct users can be effective in driving them to an online store

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