Karen Walker – patchwork fashion design website

In a world where most fashion design websites leave much to be desired, Fashion designer Karen Walker’s website is a creative delight.  The site uses a well-considered patchwork-like interface for the homepage design. Each “patch” has an interesting rollover graphic of a large cross, a motif that’s continued throughout the site. Two choices for navigation are offered here – the text menu list in the top left column and the large squares that take up the majority of the page.

Karen Walker - fashion design website

Karen Walker – home page

The internal pages have a different three-column layout with the main content in the far right column. The site also contains a shop but it is not one of its main attractions.

Karen Walker - fashion design website

Karen Walker – gallery of pieces in action

Semi-responsive design

Karen Walker’s site is semi-responsive. A minimum resolution is set but specific elements such as the coloured tiles grow with the browser width.

All images finish with a flat colour on each edge of each square, giving the site the ability to adapt to different browser sizes without stretching the images.

Karen Walker - fashion design website

Karen Walker – Semi-responsive

The site is refreshingly different and interesting to explore, behind each square is a discovery. This website is well balanced – the rollover images and layout give the site a unique edge, while the serif typography lends it an air of professionalism.

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