Jeremy Gleave – beautiful, simple, usable

Here’s a great example of a custom fashion website done right. It’s simple, uncluttered, uses photography and typography well and most important of all – makes it super easy for the user to start customising and ordering. home page

Home page - visually great

The home page invites you to select from four broad styles. By keeping options to a small number, the site avoids choice paralysis. - start with a style

Once you select your broad look, it's time to start customising

Clicking through to one of the men takes you to the style customisation and ordering page. It’s still all very simple and uncluttered. There’s nothing superfluous in the interface. - easy to customise and buy

Start customising your tailored clothes straight away

Clicking on any of the hotspots on the man’s image brings up a simple and usable overlay interface where you can start customising your own shirt straight away. You’ve started shopping without clicking on a ‘shop’ like keyword or menu item. The site’s purpose is to sell you tailored clothing and it does so very effectively by focussing on the user experience and avoiding fluff.

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  1. Anurag Chakradhar

    Great user experience