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There are many good quality free fonts floating around on the net, but for all-round typographic cleanness, consistency, and attractiveness, it’s difficult to beat premium fonts by typography professionals.

Hoefler & Frere-Jones have been designing fonts for over 20 years, and have developed a reputation as masters of premium typography. These are fonts designed for a range of applications, including both print and web design. For web design, their range of fonts can be used effectively for headings and logos, but unfortunately their licenses currently do not allow use of their fonts using the CSS @font-face tag. However, they say support for this is coming soon, as they believe web type should be displayed as text, not images.

Their website is also nicely designed. It’s clean and usable, like their fonts, with featured fonts displayed prominently on the home page.

Hoefler frere jones home

Tasteful colours on rollover bring this page to life

Hoefler frere jones test drive

Their handy Test Drive feature lets you try before you buy

Our favourite feature is their Test Drive, which lets you see how your text will appear in any of their fonts, before you make the commitment to buy them.

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