Gourmet Glaze Doughnuts – a psychedelic sugar trip

For a small doughnut shop in Adelaide this site sure stands out. Tickling your potential customers’ tastebuds purely through imagery is not always easy, but Gourmet Glaze does it well. As you visit the home page you are immediately greeted by what look to be the visions of someone experiencing a psychedelic sugar high, which we love.

Littering your site with flashy animated GIFs is usually a big no-no in web design (we all have fond memories of Geocities), but here they come together well to evoke a real patched-together home-made feel, which is what their brand is after.

And we don’t usually like horizontal scrolling but for this site…

Gourmet Glaze Donuts

Gourmet Glaze Donuts – Menu

…it works, especially on the Our Doughnuts page.

Gourmet Glaze

Horizontal scrolling on the Our Doughnuts page

Gourmet Glaze goes to show that sometimes violating a lot of the “rules” of design will work in your favour, and we love the way their design choices have created a fun and compelling website. Good inspiration for those who are looking to use retro or psychedelic imagery for their own site, or who want to find out how using seemingly endless amounts of different fonts together can somehow be a good thing.

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