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Well-designed, branded Facebook pages are a surprisingly rare find, especially for small businesses. Many businesses believe creating a social presence is as simple as creating a Facebook page with only the default Wall and Info sections to inform their customers about their business. But in this, the social media age, nobody could overstate the importance of maintaining an informative, well-designed and good-looking Facebook page for your business.

Sydney carshare service GoGet is an example of how to do a business’ Facebook page right. All sub-tabs within the ‘GoGet Going’ tab are preloaded, so that there’s no lag once the user starts interacting with the page. All the important information about the company’s business is featured within these tabs, so that a potential new customer can make an informed decision right there on Facebook, in case they don’t want to click through to the company’s website.

GoGet Facebook Page

Including the "Like" call to action is a good way to encourage users to like your page

Including all different tabs in separate divs that show and hide, rather than separate pages, cuts out annoying load times between tabs and makes a user more inclined to click through to different tabs.

GoGet Facebook Video Tab

Embedded videos can be made informative and entertaining

Dislaimer: GoGet’s Facebook page was created by Sydney agency Thinkun, editors of Browsing Ideas.

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