Global Humanitarian Assistance – three tiered navigation

Handling complex, multi-faceted topics, such as humanitarian assistance, in a clear and concise way is always a healthy challenge for UX designers, and designers Hype & Slippers have done a great job on the website for Global Humanitarian Assistance. Built in WordPress, the home page organises the large amount of information available on the site in small, bite size pieces for easy consumption, maintaining the user’s interest.

The user’s navigation through the site is unique, taking the form of three main tiers – the main menu at the top of the page, the nifty “Work Streams” wheel, and the yellow “Data & Guides” tab that appears on hover on the left of the page. A lesser designer might have implemented these multiple navigation techniques in a cluttered and confusing way, but here the design carries them well, using these navigation options to delight and inform the user, rather than leaving them bewildered.

Global Humanitarian Assistance

Global Humanitarian Assistance effectively combines multiple navigation methods on the one page

Global Humanitarian Assistance

Well designed infographics are a great way to captivate visitor interest

Global Humanitarian Assistance

Global Humanitarian Assistance - Sweden

Our favourite part? It’s the ‘Work Streams’ spiral navigation graphic. The animation is smooth and clear and the information you are guided to is incredibly interesting.

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