Dynamit – personalised content streams

Dynamit, a US digital consultancy agency, recently revamped their website in conjunction with a brand redesign.

Their new site uses a versatile, dynamic design similar to one of our previously featured sites, Satellite Voices, to convey a continuous “Content Stream”.


Dynamit website

The Content Stream


This is a streamlined, user-friendly and just good-looking way of streaming all kinds of content, such as recent work, company-related posts, or recent social media updates.

The design works with any screen resolution – try resizing your browser window and you’ll see the content boxes move around. But our favourite part is the dynamic content sliders.

Dynamit content sliders

The Content Sliders

These are dynamically adjustable sliders that let a user personalise the content stream to filter and prioritise between Work, Company, and Now (social media) categories of posts.

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