Adobe Muse – web design software for print designers

Adobe Muse is a new software package by Adobe, still in beta. It’s basically a WYSIWYG web design application that outputs HTML and CSS. How is it different to Adobe Dreamweaver? Well, it’s targeted at print designers rather than web designers and developers. The idea is that a user can fully design a site using an interface similar to Adobe InDesign, without having to write one iota of code.

Of course, this is no replacement for a web designer skilled in HTML and CSS – it will certainly not be as powerful, and the code not as clean. However, it will be exciting for graphic designers who wish they could create their own websites, but find that programs such as Dreamweaver represent too steep a learning curve for them.

Adobe Muse main page

Adobe Muse's own site was made entirely using Muse

Muse is totally free for the entirety of the beta period, which is until version 1.0 is released in early 2012, so feel free to give it a try.

Aleberry Creative

Aleberry Creative's site was also made in Muse

Have a look at Aleberry Creative’s site for an example of a website made entirely in Adobe Muse.

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