360langstrasse – HTML 5 Website Design. The New Frontier.

360langstrasse is a formidable venture into the untamed territories of html5 website design. Can’t afford that dream trip to Switzerland? That’s ok, while you save up, this fun little site will take you on a tour  through Langstrasse district, claimed to be the craziest suburb in Zurich. Tantalise your appetite for Swiss culture, as this website takes you on a “google-map-street-view-esque”  journey across Zurich.

360langstrasse home, html5 website design

Use your mouse to drive your way through the district.

With your mouse as your vehicle , 360Langstrasse will take you on a tour down the street as you begin to explore the area. The speech bubble design element is great! It stands out against the background and is used as a marker for places of interest.

360langstrasse interactive panorama, html5 website design

Scroll left and right for a 360 grandiose view.

360langstrasse night, html5 website design

Travelling at night.


All in all, 360langstrasse is a sensuous plunge into the deep sea of possibilities that is HTML5. Furthermore, while the site is not entirely optimised for mobile access, it is still highly responsive. These two elements in combination with innovative twitter integration  makes 360langstrasse truly a flagship for the new web frontier.

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