The Sweet Hat Club – entertaining responsive design

The Sweet Hat Club’s simple rectangular style makes this responsive design easy to condense for small screens. The image gallery is nice and usable on a large screen and instead of eliminating excess pictures as your screen gets smaller, the images just become smaller as well. So even on a device as small as an iPhone, you….

Flow Festival – responsive web design

You might be aware of a clever new way of ensuring your website looks good on any screen size – part of a web design trend called “responsive web design”. Effective responsive web design uses media queries available in CSS3, which can resize images and objects on the page on the fly, as well as….

360langstrasse – HTML 5 Website Design. The New Frontier.

360langstrasse is a formidable venture into the untamed territories of html5 website design. Can’t afford that dream trip to Switzerland? That’s ok, while you save up, this fun little site will take you on a tour  through Langstrasse district, claimed to be the craziest suburb in Zurich. Tantalise your appetite for Swiss culture, as this website takes….

Karen Walker – patchwork fashion design website

In a world where most fashion design websites leave much to be desired, Fashion designer Karen Walker’s website is a creative delight.  The site uses a well-considered patchwork-like interface for the homepage design. Each “patch” has an interesting rollover graphic of a large cross, a motif that’s continued throughout the site. Two choices for navigation are offered….

The Guide To The App Galaxy – Innovative HTML5 Website

Here’s another innovative HTML5 website and UX from Google. A handy guide for mobile app design, this is a nicely designed, fun site written entirely in HTML5. This site is interesting from a navigation perspective as it offers three methods of traversing the “app galaxy”: clicking the buttons, scrolling up on the vertical scrollbar, or….